New! Ruby Star Mask Panel | the workroom

New! Ruby Star Mask Panel

The creative team at Ruby Star Society had the brilliant idea to put together the most adorable printed Mask Panel. The panel includes pieces for up to twenty different masks (if you use another fabric as your lining). If you're looking for a fun way to get more masks in your rotation, this is probably the cutest way to do it. Our first round sold out real quick, but we've got a big order due to arrive in October. Don't forget to set an email alert to be the first to know when we are restocked on this special mask panel.
August 07, 2020 — Karyn Valino
Ruby Star Society Darlings | the workroom

Ruby Star Society Darlings

The new Ruby Star Society Darlings collection is already a hit and we've just received it! This collection of 32 prints is a compilation of some iconic prints by Melody Miller, Alexia Abegg, Kim Kight, Sarah Watts and Rashida Coleman-Hale. It's been fun to see which ones are your favourites as the bolts start to get thinner. Take advantage of this second chance for these fun prints.
December 20, 2019 — Karyn Valino
Speckled by Rashida Coleman-Hale | the workroom

Speckled by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Rashida Coleman-Hale's Speckled is a dreamy new collection from Ruby Star Society that covers the rainbow. If you are ever going to pick up a bundle, this is the one! In addition to the 32 piece full collection, you can also pick your favourite colourway and grab the Twilight, Cream, Pink or Citrus mini bundles.
December 06, 2019 — Karyn Valino
Ruby Star Society | the workroom

Ruby Star Society

Ruby Star Society is here and it's glorious! We had such fun unpacking the first collections from this new company that features some of our favourite designers - Melody Miller, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Sarah Watts, and Kimberly Kight. The first six collections - Spark, Pop, Anagram, Social, Grid, and Zip are here in the shop and we sold out of our first print within hours!
August 12, 2019 — Karyn Valino