Merchant & Mills : Solstice Ikat Cotton

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A brightly coloured ikat weave in emerald green with a red and white dash motif.

A summer weight dressmaking cotton. Suitable for breezy tops, dresses and loose fitting trousers.

Ikat is a resist dyeing technique where the threads used for weaving are dyed beforehand.  The Ikat threads are bound in a pattern so that the threads covered by the binding ‘resist’ the dye, creating a design.  The more binding done before weaving, the more complicated the pattern.

    Some Merchant & Mills cloths are sometimes susceptible to irregularities in the weave, this is all part of their charm and are not classed as flaws. 

    Ikat cloths are prone to slubs and often have ties in the cloth where one weaver ends and another begins, the ties will be on the wrong side of the cloth and we will endeavour to point this out on your packing slip if we see any.

    Manufacturer : Merchant & Mills
    Width :  113cm wide
    Content : 100% cotton
    Approximate Motif Size : 3cm x 2.5cm
    Fabric Care : - Wash at 30/40 degrees, with a non bio detergent on a low spin.
                             - For the first couple of washes, place the fabric in the washing machine drum at 30 or 40 degrees with a handful of table salt to help fix the dye to prevent it running.

    Fabric is priced per metre. 1 metre = 39 inches. Minimum cut is .5 metres for garment fabrics.