Merchant & Mills : Xylan Coated Tailor's Shears : Black 10" Right-Handed

$176.00 CAD

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Non-stick Xylan coated 10" shears and 500g in weight.
Blade length is 5″.

Matt black and striking.
For the very smoothest of cuts.
Set specifically for dressmaking.
Made in England.

The philosophy ‘buy once, buy well’ has never been truer than with scissors. Merchant & Mills scissor factory are leaders in their field with heritage stretching back over 250 years. They are the last remaining scissor factory in Sheffield, England.

Scissors can be a one-time purchase. Choose the best you can afford. 

How to keep your scissors in peak condition:

After sewing, wipe the insides of the blades with a clean soft cloth. If you feel like your scissors are ‘crunching’ when closing, it’s because dust and fibres have built up in between the blades – wiping them down will cure and prevent this recurring. If you are using scissors on heavy duty fabrics, use a little machine oil over the blades.

Avoid dropping them! Never use them on paper or anything that is not cloth!