Tula Pink : Nightshade (Déjà Vu) : Oleander Storm Clouds

$20.00 CAD

Are you ready for some more spellbinding prints this Summer? Tula Pink is re-releasing Nightshade as a Deja Vu collection this August!

Nightshade was originally released as a Halloween collection in 2011/12 and has been a hard-to-find fan-favourite since. Tula Pink re-imagines collections from the past in a fresh colour palette under the Deja Vu category annually. 

Read the story behind this collection and the three Von Black sisters, Neptunia, Bella Donna and Scarlet. Each are suspected of being neighbourhood witches... 

Collection : Nightshade (Déjà Vu)
Designer : Tula Pink
Manufacturer : Westminster Fibres
Width : 43-44” wide
Content : 100% Cotton

Fabric is priced per metre. 1 metre = 39 inches. Minimum cut is .25 metres. Orders for .25 will be cut as fat quarters unless otherwise requested.