The Assembly Line : High Cuff Sweater Pattern

$34.95 CAD

Skill Level: Very Easy

The High cuff sweater is inspired by the traditional sweatshirt and features rib cuffs at neck, sleeves and bottom.
The shaped bottom cuff is higher at back, which gives it a soft silhouette. 

Make More With This Pattern :

  • Use viscose, silk och shimmery tencel and make a beautiful party top

This is a multi-size pattern, including size XS-L.

Find Your Fit :
The high cuff sweater has the same fit as an ordinary sweatshirt i.e. a lot of ease, so use your chest measurement for sizing.

Seam allowances are included in the pattern.

Fabric Suggestions:
Light to mid weight woven fabrics such as denim, cotton twill, lightweight canvas; tricot works well too.

Fabric Requirements:

  • 140-150 cm (55-60 inches) fabric width:
    XS-S 1.1 m (1.25 yd) / M-L 1.2 m (1.35 yd)

Matching thread
Cotton/elastane rib fabric, for width 86 cm (34 inches) add length XS-M 50 cm (20 inches) / L 60 cm (24 inches)