Ruby Star Society : Multi Face Mask Panel 1 & 2: Panels

$28.95 CAD $47.90

Buy both Ruby Star Society Mask Panels and SAVE!

Ruby Star Society has selected & reimagined a few of their favourite motifs into these 1 yard panels of face mask templates, which allows for some fun & straight forward cutting and assembling. You will receive both versions. 

Sewing instructions for contoured (mix & match these!) & pleated styles are printed on each panel, along with all the fabric pieces for 10 complete masks or up to 20 if you decide to incorporate your own linings for "reversability" & that personal touch.

Each panel is made from 200 thread count cotton which follows CDC guidelines for non-medical fabric face coverings.

Collection : Face Mask Panel
Designer : Ruby Star Society
Manufacturer : Ruby Star Society
Size : 36" x 45"
Content : 100% Cotton

Fabric is priced per panel. This is for two panels.