Make Thrift Mend : by Katrina Rodabaugh

$36.00 CAD
By Abrams

Stitch, Patch, Darn, Plant-Dye & Love Your Wardrobe

Slow fashion influencer Katrina Rodabaugh, bestselling author of Mending Matters, teaches readers how to mend, patch, dye, and alter clothing for an environmentally conscious, reimagined wardrobe with this comprehensive guide to building (and keeping) a wardrobe that matters.

Whether you want to repair your go-to jeans, refresh a favorite garment, alter or dye clothing you already have—this book has all the know-how you’ll need.

Woven throughout are stories, essays, and a slow fashion call-to-action, encouraging readers to get involved or deepen their commitment to changing the destructive habit of overconsumption. Rodabaugh has an engaged community and a proven ability to tempt sewists and nonsewists alike to take up needle and thread.

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