Lecien : Nishikiito Metallic Embroidery Thread : Nishiki : 20m : Various Colours

$5.95 CAD
By Lecien


“Nishikiito” is the cosmo brand metallic thread for hand embroidery.
This thread is crafted with the same technique to produce gold thread used in traditional Japanese clothing in the former capital of Japan, Kyoto.

“Nishiki” style is the type often used for Obi belts of Japanese traditional clothing, Kimono. This thread has subtle metallic colors and is resistant to friction, good for not only stitching but also making tatting lace and tassels.

The two core threads and the foil are wound in crisscrosses.
Shiny and bright but the texture is not rough and easy to use.

Please Note : This thread is not to be used with sewing machines. It is for hand sewing embellisments.

Available Colours:

  • No. 3 : warm rainbow
  • No. 4 : cool rainbow
  • No. 5 : fog
  • No. 10 : dark silver
  • No. 16 : copper
  • No. 18 : burnished gold
  • No. 20 : bright gold
  • No. 21 : gold
  • No. 22 : champagne
  • No. 23 : warm silver

Colour : Hakkin 
Content : 57% Polyester / 43% Nylon
Yardage : 20m/21.9yds
Thread Weight : Equivalent to No. 5 or 6 count

Thread Use & Care:
This is handwork thread and not for use with sewing machines
Do not iron
Wash with pH neutral detergent when sweat or dirt attached to this thread
Do not use alkaline detergent
Store this thread in a cool place away from heat and humidity
This thread might turn black in contact with leather or rubber
Color of this thread might look different when exposed to ultraviolet rays