Kylie And The Machine : Woven Labels : Circa 2021 : Dual Pack : 10 pcs

$10.95 CAD

Each pack contains 10 cotton labels - 5 of each type

Specific details about these labels:

Black End Fold :
Dimensions : (1cm) X (5.5cm) 
End folded, this label is ideally sewn onto the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by top stitching each end.
Black Cotton with White Screen Printed Ink

Mini White Centre Fold  :
Dimensions : 1cm x 1cm plus seam allowance.
White Cotton with Black screen printed ink.
This label is double-sided, one side says "c." (the abbreviation of circa) and the other side has a stacked 2021
These small labels can be used to stick out of a pocket, a side seam or other visible seams in the garment. The minimal design gives your garment a chic brand vibe.

100% Cotton labels are biodegradable
New packaging is made from recycled card stock.