Charles Craft : Pink Aida Cloth : 14 Count : 12" x 18”

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Cross Stitch onto beautiful Aida Cloth

Colour : Pink
Content : Cotton
Gauge : 14ct (5.5pts/cm)
Dimension : 12" x 18"

Suggested needles : Tapestry 24 

Suggested best practices :

  • Keep work surface & stitching piece clean & protected while working (store or cover with a clean cloth).
  • Prior to stitching on surface, if necessary, to remove creases,  soak flat in cool water, pat out moisture & dry flat, then iron between two pieces of cotton cloth.
  • After stitch work is completed, if cleaning feels necessary, use a stitched swatch first (using same materials) to trouble shoot the following care instructions:
    • carefully soak flat in cold water
    • lift flat onto towel
    • pat out moisture flat between two towels
    • lay flat to dry on smooth surface (to prevent any stretching or dragging of piece & preserve colour fastness.