Bernina : Needle 130/705 H Universal : 5 Pack : Various Sizes

$8.50 CAD
By Bernina


Universal needles feature a slightly rounded point, for trouble-free sewing of numerous types of materials.

Use Universal needles for general sewing of woven fabric including: cotton, linen, chambray, corduroy, chenille, fleece, woollen fabric, seersucker, quilting cotton

Available Sizes:

  • Size 60/8 : suitable for very lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, lawn, and handkerchief linen 
  • Size 70/10 : suitable for light weight fabrics such as organza and voile
  • Size 80/12 : suitable for medium weight fabrics such as quilting cotton and medium weight linen
  • Size 90/14 : suitable for medium and slightly heavier weight fabrics such as lighter weight canvas
  • Size 100/16 : suitable for heavier weight fabrics such as canvas and corduroy
  • Size 110/18 : suitable for heavy weight fabrics such as canvas
  • Size 120/20 : suitable for very heavy weight fabric such as canvas and upholstery weight jacquards

Universal Assorted Pack available here

Universal Size 80/12 : 100 pack available here

You will achieve the best sewing results by choosing the right needle type and size for your project, as well as changing your needle on a regular basis. We recommend using a fresh needle approximately every 6 hours of sewing, or after every 3-4 bobbins. A dull needle can result in stitch and tension issues.

It is a good idea to always test your needle choice with your fabric and thread.