Bernina : Needle 130/705 H LR Leather : 5 Pack : Various Sizes

$11.95 CAD
By Bernina


Leather needles feature a cutting point for easier penetration of leather and leather-like materials.

Use Leather needles for sewing leather, artificial leather or similar materials.
Do not use leather needles while sewing woven or knitted fabrics.

Available Sizes:

  • Size 90/14 : suitable for medium to heavier weight fabrics
  • Size 100/16 : suitable for heavy weight fabrics and thicker thread

You will achieve the best sewing results by choosing the right needle type and size for your project, as well as changing your needle on a regular basis. We recommend using a fresh needle approximately every 6 hours of sewing, or after every 3-4 bobbins. A dull needle can result in stitch and tension issues.

It is a good idea to always test your needle choice with your fabric and thread.