Bernina : Needle 130/705 H 75 Twin Stretch : 1 Pack : Various Widths

$18.95 CAD
By Bernina


The Twin Stretch needle is great for hemming knit fabric, giving the look of a coverstitch on your sewing machine. 

Use the Twin Stretch needle for sewing hems and edges on knit and jersey fabric.
Please note : twin needles can only be used on a machine with zigzag capability.

1 pack contains one Stretch Twin needle

Size 75/11: suitable for medium weight knit fabric

Available Widths (the distance between the two needle):

  • 2.5mm
  • 4.0mm

You will achieve the best sewing results by choosing the right needle type and size for your project, as well as changing your needle on a regular basis. We recommend using a fresh needle approximately every 6 hours of sewing, or after every 3-4 bobbins. A dull needle can result in stitch and tension issues.

It is a good idea to always test your needle choice with your fabric and thread.