Bernina : Bernette b37/b38 : Sewing Feet Kit : 10 pcs

$185.95 CAD
By Bernina

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The perfect set to accompany your bernette b37 and b38

This kit features 10 presser feet including:

  • Zigzag foot with non-stick sole (Teflon foot): The non-stick sole ensures smooth riding over difficult-to-feed materials such as leather, plastic, vinyl or similar.
  • Straight-Stitch foot: This presser foot is ideally suited for all straight-stitch work. The small stitch hole supports the material during sewing.
  • Invisible Zipper foot: This foot is simply perfect to sew in zippers. As the zipper is invisible afterwards, an especially elegant look is achieved.
  • Edgestitch foot: This presser foot with guide facilitates the topstitching of edges, hems and pleats; helpful for sewing on lace or tapes, and for reinforcing edges. The guide helps you achieve flawless seams and hems that run parallel to the edge.
  • Rolled Hemmer foot (4mm): This special presser foot serves the purpose to create professional-looking seams. It folds the fabric twice which results in a nice rollhem which is then properly fixed by the needle with a straight stitch.
  • Gathering foot: As the sole of this foot does not lie flat on the feed dog, the Gathering foot feeds the fabric unevenly. Therefore a charming gathering effect results while sewing.
  • Ribbon-Couching foot: For couching sequin- and satin ribbon. The adjustable guide holds the ribbon in place, preventing it from slipping as it is being sewn on.
  • Patchwork foot with guide (1/4” foot): This foot is ideal for patch working with exact seam allowances of 1/4 and 1/8 inch. The fabric edges can either be guided along the foot or the seam guide. This makes accurate sewing absolutely simple.
  • Decorative Cording foot: The Cording foot allows sewing on thin cords or strings. As the bottom of the foot sole provides several grooves, more than one sting can be sewn on in one step.
  • Darning Embroidery foot: This foot is a true specialist for free motion sewing and it is best suitable to darn holes and worn areas. Used together with an embroidery hoop, the darning process can be simplified as the hoop stabilizes the fabric. The foot can also be used to create attractive embellishing such as laces or monograms.