It’s new class season at the workroom! (Just kidding. Every season is new class season at the workroom.) And this time, we have three new ones on the roster! Be one of the first to tackle these cute projects!

Intro to Fibre Reactive Dyes:
Have you been dreaming of dyeing your own set of fat quarters to use in your next quilt? Have you always wanted to take a dyeing class, but couldn’t commit to a day-long class? This class delves into basic colour theory, and shows you how to mix dyes for endless colour possibilities. The pieces that have come out of this class so far are pretty inspiring! And, this is a one-session class, so you can take your new fabrics home with you that day! There’s a class coming up on June 18th.

Quilt as you Go Carryall:
Who doesn’t love a handy tote bag? Especially when it’s a tote bag that showcases your favourite fabrics! In this class, you’ll piece and quilt the project at the same time. This is a two-session class, and the next class starts on July 21st.

Herringbone Patchwork:
Scrap collectors, take heed! Herringbone Patchwork is the perfect project for letting those tiny pieces shine. You’ll also learn how to make partial seams, and have your pick of two different designs: pinwheel or herringbone. This class is a one-hour session, starting on July 4th.