We are excited to announce that the workroom has just launched The Button Dept. online. This vast resource for makers will offer a unique opportunity to source beautiful vintage buttons for your handmade garments and projects. A new collection will be posted each week for you to explore this growing catalog.


Back in 2013, the workroom was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to purchase about thirty+ large boxes of vintage buttons from our friend, Paul at Smash Salvage. After peeking into just a few of the boxes, we knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to share an endless supply of amazing vintage buttons with our community. The Button Dept. was born. The collection is so vast that up until now we have only been able to share a tiny portion of it with you in the shop with our large pegboard of colour sorted buttons on cards on display with bins beneath sorted by colour. Many of you (and many of us) have spent hours going through those bins searching for the perfect buttons for your projects. Over the years we have started to sort, count and catalog the rest so we could share it with you but 'shop work' tended to get in the way. Over the last month we've really been able to move the project forward and we're ready to start releasing a weekly selection into our online shop.


These buttons are new 'old stock' vintage treasures that are all in limited supply. Some buttons we have two of and some we have two hundred. We can't restock these beauties, so keep that in mind while exploring The Button Dept. offerings.  Our vintage buttons may have unique marks, imperfections or patina reflecting their antiquity/age. If they are hand painted, there will be slight differences in colour and coverage which is to be expected, as each one is unique. We consider all this part of their charm & beauty. We are so happy to finally start sharing these vintage finds with you and hope they inspire you!

Welcome to the weekly button show! 

March 26, 2021 — Karyn Valino