This year we are mindful of the extra time and care we all need to plan for as we head into the holiday season. While we never do a traditional pre-holiday sale, we do love an opportunity show our appreciation to our beloved community. This year we will be offering a special shop credit to all online store purchases from today, November 20th until Monday November 30th. 

  • SPEND $50 or more and get a 10% credit
  • SPEND $100 or more and get a 15% credit
  • SPEND $300 or more and get a 20% credit 
  • SPEND $500 or more and get a 25% credit

The details : Credits will be issued based on the subtotal of each purchase during these dates. Credits will be emailed automatically to you seven days after your purchase. Your credit will not expire. If you don't already have an account with a password in our online shop, we recommend setting one up. It's easy to do and your credit (and future credits) will automatically link to it. Otherwise, don't loose the code and email you are sent with your credit. This sale 'does not apply to prior purchases'. Credits are 'automatic' so each purchase credit will be calculated separately and cannot be combined for a larger subtotal. You can receive more than one credit over the ten day sale but each one will be based on that individual sale. Check your list twice before checking out!

We are very fortunate to have your support, so each year we donate 5% of our Good Karma weekend sale to a chosen charity. This year we are looking forward to giving to Black Food Toronto. #BlackFoodToronto was launched as a food sovereignty initiative that supports members of the African, Caribbean, Black (ACB) community to access fresh produce during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

November 20, 2020 — Karyn Valino
Tags: store news