One of our favourite non-sewing classes is our Natural Dyeing class. This class touches briefly on many different dyestuffs, including Indigo. Since Indigo is so unique, we wanted to offer a longer and more intensive opportunity for students to work with this beautiful blue dye. Indigo also increases in intensity with each consecutive dip in the vat, so the longer you have to work, the deeper the shades of blue you can achieve.

Our first session of the Indigo class was offered as a day camp in August. It was a beautiful day and we brought all the vats into the backyard, so that we could dip and drip and hang our fabrics without worry. You can see all the amazing results on our flickr page. We are able to offer this class one more time this year, before it gets too cold to work outside. If you've already taken our Natural Dyeing class, you will love this opportunity to play with Indigo!

September 03, 2013 — Karyn Valino