Have you tried one of our fabric dyeing classes yet? Debbie recently took the Intro to Fibre Reactive Dyeing class, in the hopes of experimenting with some new and bright colours. Debbie does lots of natural dyeing, so she’s used to producing the more muted tones that come from that process.

This is such a fun and messy workshop. As always, Julie Sinden shares a wealth of information with the class. Students get to mix their own dyes and apply them directly to the fabric, and then roll them around in puddles of colour. (Be sure to wear messy clothes for this one!) And, since this is a one-session class, they get to bring home their fabrics on the day of the class!

In the end, Debbie’s little bundle of fabric had a lot of the same peach and mustard tones of her naturally dyed fabrics. Sometimes we find a palette we like and we stick to it! But, she’s really happy with the fabrics she ended up with, and she’s looking forward to giving it another go to add some new colours to her stash.

Our current fibre dyeing classes include : Intro to Fibre Reactive Dyeing, Indigo and Natural Dyeing - all classes are great for beginners to the world of dyeing

September 10, 2015 — Karyn Valino