Whether your machine is in need of repair or a yearly tune-up, you can now drop it off at the workroom in Toronto for full servicing. Our experienced technician accepts any brand of sewing machine or serger and offers a one year warranty on all workmanship.

Our technician charges $75/hour of labour. The average sewing machine or serger tune up/repair will take 2 hours time. This includes adjusting, servicing and checking every component of the machine including the motor, feed dogs, stitch tension and balance to ensure your machine is reset to its’ best condition. We require customers to pre-approve 2 hours of work to accept your machine for proper servicing. If additional work or parts beyond the pre-approved 2 hours is required, you will be contacted for further approval.

Sewing machines are picked up and dropped off every couple weeks. You can drop off your sewing machine or serger/coverstitch machine at any time during our shop hours. It will generally take 2-4 weeks from the date your machine gets picked up for it to be completed, depending on how extensive the work is. If parts need to be ordered that can take a few extra weeks or more based on availability and the age of the machine.

Please email us at services [at] theworkroom.ca with any inquiries and to pre-register your machine details prior to dropping off.

For further details on our Sewing Machine & Technical Services, please download this pdf.