Uppercase Magazine : Issue 59

$24.00 CAD

October / November / December 2023

The cover artist for issue #59 (Oct-Nov-Dec) is Catherine-Marie Longtin. A French Canadian quilt maker and textile artist, she currently resides in South London.

"I learned how to sew from my mother and started experimenting with fabrics by sewing bed linens and kitchen textiles," says Catherine-Marie. "In 2008, I left a career in academia and took on quilting, and have been making quilts full-time for the last seven years. My work reflects a deep love of textiles, colour and abstract, minimalist art that I channel in every quilt."

I chose to highlight a work in progress for the cover of this issue because it speaks to the two main themes of this issue. The first: things made by hand in an old-fashioned, analog way, devoid of new technologies. And secondly, mark-making. In this case, basting threads of the paper piecing marks the path and process of the artist. The artist/maker is present, even if you can't see their hands.

By showcasing the back of the work you can fully appreciate all the thought, labour and tiny stitches that goes into a handmade work like this. And it combines my two loves: paper and fabric.

Janine Vangool
publisher / editor / designer