Closet Core Patterns : Cielo Top & Dress Pattern

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The Cielo Dress & Top is an easy, breezy take on a boxy tee and shift dress. Loaded with interesting details and interchangeable features, it will fast become a wardrobe building favourite.

Choose between a semi-cropped top with a cuffed short sleeve (View A) or dramatic gathered long sleeve (View B). Or, make an easy fitting dress with sleek inseam pockets (View C), or without pockets (View D). All views have a slightly dropped shoulder, angled shoulder yoke and roomy fit, with a choice between an elegant bias binding or faced neckline finish.

Sewing level: Advanced beginner

Sizes: 0-20
*See images for more sizing information and fabric requirements.

Suggested Fabric: This pattern can be made with a variety of fabrics depending on the desired effect. For a more structured shape, use light to medium weight wovens such as linen, chambray, or cotton shirtings. For a drapier effect, use rayon challis, tencel, cotton voile or silk.

Yardage Requirements:
45"/1.14m FABRIC

  • View A (Short sleeved top): size 0-14 = 1.5yd / 1.4m, 16-20 = 1.75 yd / 1.6m
  • View B (Long sleeved top): size 0-8 = 2.5yd / 2.75m, 10-14= 3yd / 2.75m, 16-20 = 3.5 yd / 3.2m
  • View C (Dress with pockets & short sleeves) size 0-8 = 2.5yd / 2.25m, 10-14 = 3yd / 2.75m, 16-20 = 3.25yd/3m
  • View D (Dress without pockets and long sleeves) size 0-8 = 3.25yd / 3m, 10-14 = 3.75yd / 3.5m, 16-20 = 4.25yd/3.8m

58"/1.5m FABRIC

  • View A (Short sleeved top): size 0-8 = 1.25yd / 1.15m, 8-20 = 1.75yd/1.6m
  • View B (Long sleeved top): size 0-14 = 2yd / 1.85m, 16-20 = 2.25 yd / 2m
  • View C (Dress with pockets & short sleeves): All sizes = 2.25yd / 2m
  • View D (Dress without pockets and long sleeves) All sizes = 2.75yd / 2.6m

Additional Supplies:

  • Lightweight non-stretch fusible interfacing (.25 yd / .25m)
  • Thread
  • Marking tool