Closet Core Patterns : Faye Swimsuit Pattern

$28.95 CAD

Function meets form with Faye, a modern, versatile, and fully lined swimsuit. With a clean finish and minimalist design lines, the Faye Swimsuit features a scoop neckline and a slightly cheeky cut, with enough variations to create a full wardrobe of swimwear.

View A blends a high-rise bikini bottom and a bikini top with straight straps.
View B is sporty and fun with a low-rise bikini bottom and a bikini top with a strappy back and supportive underbust band.
View C is a classic maillot with a deep scoop back and adjustable straps.

Skill level: Confident Beginner

Sizes: 0-20
*See images for more sizing information and fabric requirements.

Suggested Fabric: 

  • Swimsuit lycra with 4-way stretch (at least 50% crosswise stretch).
  • Swim lining with 4-way stretch (100% nylon suggested) - you may also use swimsuit fabric in lieu of lining

Yardage Requirements: All yardage is for 58" / 1.5 m wide fabric.

View A (High Waist Bikini + Straight Strap Top)

  • Swim fabric AND Lining:Sizes 0-20: 3/4 yard / 0.75m

View B (Low Waist Bikini + Cross Strap Top)

  • Swim fabric AND Lining:Sizes 0-6: 1/2 yard / 0.5m, Sizes 8-20: 3/4 yard / 0.75m

View C (One Piece Swimsuit)

  • Swim fabric AND Lining:Sizes 0-10:3/4 yard / 0.75m, Sizes 12-20: 1 yard / 1m

Additional Supplies:

  • 3/8" (10 mm) rubber or cotton blend swim elastic
      • View A: 6 yards
      • View B: 6-7 yards
      • View C = 6 yards
  • Polyester thread in matching color
  • Marking tool
  • Tube turner
  • Stretch needles
  • Optional: 1 yd (1m) x 3/4" (19 mm) bra band or swimwear elastic for underbust support in one-piece