Worn Fashion Journal : Issue 15

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By Worn

Back Issue 15 of WORN Fashion Journal is the Hair Issue

Tortiseshell combs, the lather over shampoo, the reliable oustache, the remarkable merkin, why curls rule, and razors drool, and drag queens always wear the biggest wigs, an illustrator on the fringe, jewelry made of human hair, the man who took credit for the bob, a glossary of dynamic 'dos, some talk about tresses, and very hairy dresses, and how geometry reshapes heads.

WORN Fashion Journal was a print magazine founded by Serah-Marie McMahon and first published in Montreal, Canada in 2004. WORN was created to address the lack of thoughtfulness in mainstream fashion magazines. It claimed that you could truly love clothing even if you were disinterested in the commercial industry of “fashion”. Over the years it covered topics such as the science of drycleaning, the role clothing plays in creating identity in the trans community, the evolution of flight attendant uniforms, and the celebration of stylin’ moms.

96 pages