The Little Ghost Who Was A Quilt : by Riel Nason

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When you're a quilt instead of a sheet, being a ghost is hard! 
Beautifully illustrated by Byron Eggenschwiler.

Ghost are supposed to be sheets -- light as air and able to twirl and whirl and float and soar.  But the little ghost who is a quilt can't whirl or twirl at all, and when he flies he gets very hot.  
He doesn't know why he's a quilt.  His parents are both sheets, and so are all his friends.  (His great-grandmother was a lace curtain but that doesn't really help cheer him up.)  He feels sad and left out when his friends are zooming around and he can't keep up.
But one Halloween, everything changes.  The little ghost who was a quilt has an experience that no other ghost could have, and experience that only happens because he's a quilt ... and he realises that it's okay to be different.

Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 48
Published: 2020
Publisher: Tundra Books
Language: English