Are you hoping to receive or give workroom Gift Cards this year? Everything is electronic and automated but we wanted to let you know of a couple special features - the first is you can choose one of six graphic messages to include with the gift card. The second feature is the gift card can be emailed directly to the recipient AND you can schedule the date to send it. That's right, you can buy a gift card today to email on December 25th (or any other day) automatically, if you like.

In order to do all these things you need to select SEND AS A GIFT rather than Add to Cart. If you only see the add to cart button, you just need to click More Details to get past the Quick Buy page for the Gift Cards. If you Add to Cart and you don't get the pop up asking you to customize the gift card, it will be emailed directly to you and you can then forward that generic gift card email to the recipient.

Click here to visit the gift card page - press the SEND AS A GIFT button and see for yourself how easy it is!
December 18, 2020 — Karyn Valino
Tags: gift card