Enhance your garment + accessory construction with the addition of Serger skills in your repertoire! We recommend our Serger Essentials workshop as a compliment and pre-requisite to many of our Apparel classes and for use in Studio. Students appreciate the professional finish to their projects as they learn to sew woven garments and assemble knits. 

Use a Serger as a companion to your sewing machine and achieve; 

  • efficient + smooth + sturdy construction at any stitching speed
  • trim edges + stitch simultaneously
  • clean woven fabric edging + finishes
  • fine rolled hems to wide decorative stitches
  • stretchy seam construction for knits

 Elevate projects with Bernina L450/L460 features like;

  • Sew fast and smoothly at any speed
  • Stitch & cut thick fabrics with precision
  • Waveless + pucker-free seams
  • Manual Needle Threader
  • Color-coded threading path
  • Two bright LED lights
  • Tools easily accessible in the looper cover
  • Bin for fabric trimmings + accessory storage
  • 2 + 3 + 4 thread finishes
  • Ruffles + gathers automatically with differential feed
Watch : Introducing Bernina L450

Watch : Threading Bernina L450/L460 4 Thread 
Watch : Threading Bernina L450/L460 3 Thread 

the workroom is an Authorized Bernina Dealer. The sewing machine model you use in class, along with any other Bernina model sewing machine or serger are available to purchase directly from us. 

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