Guest Instructor

I think most creative endeavors start in childhood, and I attribute my start to my mother allowing me to be who I was. I was solemn, thoughtful and serious. She also let me dress myself from the time I could make moderately reasonable choices. She never made any decisions about who I was, or what I was going to be, she just let me be, and that shaped me into what I am, and how I treat my work.

First I found printmaking, and received a BFA in it. Then I found fabric design. Then I found sewing. Then I found gardening. I probably do most things in between too. I just like making stuff, and I like saying things in the work that I do.

When I’m not at the workroom, I’m at home in Salt Lake City, UT, gardening, petting a cat, planning a party, planning a trip, sewing a dress, making some art…

I love teaching because it is an enabling power. I get to share beautiful things that I’ve learned with wonderful people all over the world. Then you get to keep and share that joy. It’s a circle. I also love teaching at the workroom because I love the feeling, and I love the peeps.

The sewing project that I am most proud of is most certainly my Meadow quilt.

I’m dreaming of doing super complicated and time consuming couture sewing…

Castle Treasury Quilt
Mini Quilt
Pattern Design & Block Printing
The Meadow Quilt

September 04, 2019 — Karyn Valino