We're finally giving you a sneak peek into our beautiful Parkdale Studio that will be located at 207 Cowan Avenue. Located just one block west of our current location and behind the Parkdale Public Library sits a sweet heritage building that was formerly a switchboard office for Bell Canada. Some updates and renovations are being done to the unit before we take over at the beginning of September, but this photo gives you a glimpse at how perfect this bright space will be as a welcoming workshop space for us to continue to make and learn together in. 

We are aware more than ever that our community energy is so powerful, productive and inspiring. This has really been our guiding light as we navigate our way through these major upcoming changes. What we give comes back to us many times over and we've never been more grateful to have you in our corner. 

Let's keep showing up for each other, 

July 21, 2023 — Karyn Valino