Do you see us turning blue? That’s because we’re proud as peacocks of our special handwork teacher, Carolanne Graham. Carolanne was just featured in Melbourne craft blog, The Craft Sessions! This post is the first in their new “I Made This” blog series.

On the subject of turning blue, Carolanne’s feature is about her indigo-dyed whole cloth star. If you’ve taken our Whole Cloth Quilt class (or looked under Carolanne’s Christmas tree), you might recognize this beautiful quilt, which is often used as a teaching sample. It’s a great example of the many things you can do with a very simple piece of fabric (and of the many things you can learn at the workroom!).

Felicia, The Craft Sessions’ author, credits Carolanne for helping her overcome her dislike of patchwork, and admires the work she posts on instagram. “The work in her feed seems to have such intention and the space to become what it wants to become.” We couldn’t have said it better!

One thing we love about The Craft Sessions is Felicia’s honesty. She sometimes posts about the hard parts of creating, or the journey to becoming the crafters we are. Maybe it’ll help others to know that it doesn’t always come easy, or maybe it’ll just add to our reverence for the work that goes into making beautiful things. Either way, we can see Carolanne’s story inspiring lots of other crafters, just as her blue star quilt has been doing for years!

Check out Carolanne’s piece on The Craft Sessions’ blog.

March 31, 2015 — Karyn Valino