Stay home, shop online and get your crafty care package delivered to your door!

All orders are currently shipping by Canada Post for delivery to your home.

We are working day and night (literally) catching up on your orders and we can't thank you enough for keeping us busy here in the shop. Shipping times are still MUCH slower than normal. We appreciate how excited you are to receive your order, please know it is in line with all the other orders and that you will receive a notification as soon as the package is heading out the door. There is nothing we can do to make this process go any quicker as much as we wish we could. We think we are doing pretty great considering the physical, staff and safety constraints we are under as a very small team.

Keep sharing photos of your packages arriving and tag us at @_theworkroom. It really makes our day to see them arrive at their new homes.

Keep Making!

April 24, 2020 — Karyn Valino
Tags: store news