Uppercase Magazine : Issue 19

$18.00 CAD

Issue 19 : Fall 2013

From the simple utility of the paper clip to the technical marvel of staplers and hole punches (the more old-fashioned the better!), the office can deliver a lot of inspiration for those of us who love to work. 

The aesthetics of work extend to how a business is presented through its brand and its printed communications; the letterhead has long been the paper personality of a company—inside Uppercase explores its history. Uppercase investigates the cubicle—a work system devised with the best of intentions. Uppercase also takes a look at an emerging style of working: collaborative, shared workplaces are becoming a popular alternative to the home office. 

As a graphic influence in art and design and as a traditional component in jewellery, in this issue Uppercase mines a trend that has a solid foundation: rocks, crystals and gems. The geometric appeal of crystals, the timeless seduction of gemstones and the solid comfort of smooth pebbles, these geologic treasures are universally adored.