The Assembly Line : Pull On Trousers Pattern

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The Pull on trousers have a normal waist and wide, full-length legs. The waistband, which is a regular elastic band that is pulled the waistband, simplifies the fit and makes them well-cut on many. You can choose to sew them with or without pockets and a side trim.

Develop your sewing skills as you get more experienced if you are a complete beginner. Starting with the easiest possible trouser ( Trouser No 1 – with no pocket or side strip) and adding a pocket (Trouser No 2 – with pocket) and finally adding a side strip (Trouser No 3 - with pocket & side strip). For even more effect you can use a deviant-coloured fabric for your side stripe. 

Skill Level: Beginner

Make More With This Pattern :

  • Add pockets
  • Add side stripes

This is a multi-size pattern, including sizes XS-L.

Find Your Fit :
The trousers have a relaxed fit, so use your body waist and seat measurement for sizing. 
Please note: Your body seat measurement cannot be wider than the waistband elastic extended measurement in the table below, which is the same width as the waistband. If you want to adjust the relaxed waist you can choose to add more or less elastic tape. 

Fabric Suggestions:

Plain weave fabric of cotton, linen/flax, viscose, wool or fabric blends of these (120-300 gsm/3.5-9 oz)  
Lightweight twill of cotton or a cotton blend (130-240 gsm/4-7 oz) 

Fabric Needed : 
110-120 cm fabric width : XS - 2.3m // S - 2.5m // M - 2.6 // L - this is not an option in this fabric width
140-150cm fabric width : XS - 1.5 // S - 1.6 // M - 1.7 // L - 1.9

Elastic 4 cm width
   WOMEN: XS 71 cm , S 79 cm, M 87 cm , L 97 cm
Matching thread 
Fusible interfacing 30 cm 
A large safety pin