Papercut Patterns : Nova Coat & Jacket Pattern

$39.95 CAD


In light of the recent discussions addressing cultural appropriation, racism and hate against Asian Culture the name of this pattern has been changed from ’The Sapporo Coat’ to ‘The Nova Coat’. When purchasing the printed version of this product, you will find that your pattern still has the old name. Because sustainability is a core value, Papercut Patterns has decided to release the name change from their next print run. This is to eliminate unnecessary waste. Their focus is to continue limiting environmental impact by reducing, re-using and recycling. As soon as the next print run for this product is received, this message will be removed. If you like to post your makes on social media, please change your hashtags from #sapporocoat to #novacoat

Go bold with this iconic and dramatic cocoon coat. Choose a lightweight fabric for a spring/summer version, or a cosy wool for the cooler days. A fully lined coat features angled seaming with pockets hidden in the front, and is a pattern for every season. Choose between cropped or long sleeves, the full length coat or the shorter jacket. It’ll be your fave go-to piece all year round.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Sizes: This is a multi-size paper pattern that comes in two size ranges, please ensure your selection reflects desired fit.
*See images for more sizing information and fabric requirements.

Suggested Fabric : Can be made in any woven fabric; from a light cotton, rayon or silk right through to a heavy wool. The choice is yours!

Notions :

  • Fusing
  • Lining