Libs Elliott | the workroom

Libs Elliott

Guest Instructor

Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott is a textile designer exploring the intersection of technology and traditional craft by using generative design to build handmade quilts.

All her quilts are randomly designed using a programming language called Processing. The project began in 2012 as a collaboration with designer and technologist, Joshua Davis, who provided the original code framework.

September 05, 2019 — Karyn Valino
Lizzy House | the workroom

Lizzy House

Guest Instructor

I think most creative endeavors start in childhood, and I attribute my start to my mother allowing me to be who I was. I was solemn, thoughtful and serious. She also let me dress myself from the time I could make moderately reasonable choices. She never made any decisions about who I was, or what I was going to be, she just let me be, and that shaped me into what I am, and how I treat my work.
September 04, 2019 — Karyn Valino
Amanda McCavour | the workroom

Amanda McCavour

Guest Instructor

Amanda McCavour is a Toronto-based artist who works with stitch to create large-scale embroidered installations. She is interested in thread’s assumed vulnerability, its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together.
September 03, 2019 — Karyn Valino
Sherri Lynn Wood | the workroom

Sherri Lynn Wood

Guest Instructor

Sherri Lynn Wood is an artist working in Oakland, CA. She is the recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for Painters and Sculptors, and a two-time MacDowell Colony Fellow. She has been making and improvising quilts as a creative life practice for twenty-five years, and blogs about it at Teaching credits include Penland School of Craft, QuiltCon, and numerous modern and traditional guilds across the country.
September 02, 2019 — Karyn Valino